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  • About The Fresh

    Our team is a network of leaders. We only recruit the smartest and most creative individuals with analytical minds and the communication skills to work with people at every level within an organisation.

    We have a common set of values and a culture that encourages support and the sharing of knowledge. We go to extreme lengths to support and educate our team members, with our in-house training program ensuring that all team members are fully aware of the entire business processes and cycles of each client.

    We know every client is different, with unique needs, goals and customers, meaning each campaign we develop is bespoke to each business we work with.

    If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill one-size-fits-all solution for your business management and marketing needs, then we are probably not the right company for you.

    We are selective about the clients we choose to work with and we only provide complete marketing and business consultancy services to a select few.

    If you are a business that is constantly energetic, passionate, open to change with new ideas and always looking for growth then we would really like to talk to you.

  • Meet the team



    Prav is the Managing Director of TheFresh. He is an Oxford University Graduate where he spent almost 10 years as a full time student studying Medicine and a PhD in Pharmacology before he established the company.

    His main roles involve providing business consultancy, marketing strategies for growth and overseeing all projects carried out by the team. His main areas of interest are conversion rate optimisation, the ever evolving Google algorithm and business processes and implementation.

    Outside of work Prav is a health freak and does a CrossFit workout most mornings at 7am and then finishes off his day with an hour in the gym!



    Lall looks after the finance, HR and accountancy, he is pivotal in making sure that the business runs smoothly from a financial perspective and all company paperwork and documentation is up to date.

    Outside of work Lall enjoys spending time with his granddaughters, property renovation and Drambuie on ice!



    Bobbie’s main roles are HR, recruitment, large-scale project management and quality control. She studied psychology at BSc level, which developed her interest in usability testing and website user experience.

    Outside of work she enjoys hosting dinner parties and spending time with her family.



    Joanne is our senior sales and marketing executive and manages all press and media campaigns for our clients. In a former life she spent seven years as a senior executive at the messenger newspaper group. She is a hard negotiator, ensures that all adverts are designed to convert and monitors campaigns for effectiveness and ROI.

    Outside of work she is likely to be found with her family, at the gym or shopping!



    James is the director of web development, he can write code in several languages. His main role is building and developing complex web management systems and e-commerce. He also mentors the junior developers and oversees all web development projects.

    Outside of work James enjoys learning new programing languages, ripping up the dance floor when he gets the chance and spending time with his family.



    Arron is an SEO senior copywriter; search engines eat his words for breakfast! He also manages link-building campaigns for many of our clients and works alongside the development team in managing new website build projects.

    When he is not reading, writing or talking, Arron leads an active social life. He claims that this is filled with football, golf, climbing, travel and being a connoisseur of vintage whiskey.



    Jared is a junior web developer; he is proficient in web building tools such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. He is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and has a degree in music technology.

    He enjoys chiptune music. However he redeems himself by enjoying football and being a brilliant bassist.



    Josh is a junior web developer; he ensures that client websites are kept up to date and free from any niggling bugs.

    Outside of work you are likely to find him out with friends, slaying necromorphs with his controller on Dead Space or building a computer with his bare hands.



    Cath is a senior copywriter, she graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with an English degree and is also a qualified English language teacher.

    Her main interests outside of work include reading fiction, baking, eating the baking and walking her little dog Pippa in the countryside.



    Jonny is our senior designer with over 11 years experience in graphic design he can take your business vision and ideas to produce a website that represents your business and converts visitors into prospects.

    Outside of work he enjoys travelling, surfing and spending time with his wife.



    Robert is a graphic designer with over 10 years experience in branding and design. In addition to developing new brands and marketing material he works closely with Joanne to ensure that client adverts are designed to convert and communicate the right message.

    Outside of work Robert enjoys spending time with his baby girl.


    Steph Barnes

    Steph is our in-house social media manager. She's the only member of our team who is allowed to spend all day on Facebook and Twitter! She does, however, focuses solely on building our clients' social presence. She has a BSc in Sociology from the University of Salford and is now studying towards an MSc Sociological Research at Manchester Uni.

    Steph enjoys drinking fine wine and reading whatever she can get her hands on - mainly romantic and crime novels.

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    We are a small team of highly skilled creatives. We only employ the best of the breed and demand high quality from all of our team. Do you have what it takes? If so, have a look at the people we need below and get in touch with us:

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