Feb 19

The Unconventional Guide to WordPress

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Similar to other web companies in the modern age, we use WordPress quite a fair bit. We’ve transferred most of our news management systems over to WordPress from custom built legacy systems and we also use it to power other more interesting stuff. We’ve found it just works and gives us the power and flexibility…

Dec 19

Create that email address!

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For the most part, sending emails using PHP is one of the simplest things one could possibly do, using the mail() function. We usually just use a rudimentary script which can easily be ported around and used where ever it calls for, with minimal amount of hacking. However, today an issue arose and caused quite…

Dec 09

On Closures in PHP

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PHP is known to be a very ugly language. In fact, PHP makes it almost effortless to write really ugly code. There are certain methodologies and patterns that try to alleviate this problem but even then, it’s still a piece of cake writing horrid code. If we look at almost any other high level language,…

Dec 08

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Keep Things Short

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As time’s passed, I’ve really begun to appreciate the short and sweet things in life. Short bus rides, instant payments and the time between a Google search and what ever it is I’m looking for. Naturally, this appreciation has extended to the code I read and write. Short arguments, short methods and short classes. Can’t…