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Healthcare Marketing: Unleashing your Business Potential With Your Website

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Healthcare marketing looks harder today than ever.  There are many regulatory bottlenecks to navigate and keep up with as you try to communicate your services to your target patients. There is also the rising trend of use of search, (especially with the rise in virtual assistant usage) which means that more people are searching for symptoms on the fly and making their own decisions.

However, the current conditions can be harnessed as a positive. With the increased reliance on online search, healthcare marketing today should be about bringing more eyes to your healthcare website. This piece takes a look at how you can achieve this.

Blog Strategically

With strategic blogging, you are creating content that is based on your understanding of your ideal patient profile.  The blog posts should address challenges and questions they are asking as well as provide answers to their search terms.

Use Deep Testimonials

If you still use one line testimonials that sound generic, you are missing a trick. In the health niche, scepticism reigns supreme. Deep testimonials offer you an opportunity to draw in patients that are still on the fence.  If you are a dentist for instance, make sure your testimonials detail why the patient chose to get treatment, how they felt before/during/after the session with you and their general view of your services. Use video where possible too!

On site optimisation

Do you understand how to use keywords? Is your website mobile friendly? Do you have a domain name that immediately communicates what you do at a glance? These are on-site optimisation aspects that must be taken seriously by anyone in the healthcare sector today. Businesses like have made it easy to register any variant of domain name so you have no reason to use less than optimal names for your website.  Other onsite optimisation tips include: avoiding duplicate content, optimising pages/title tags/meta descriptions, using friendly URL structures, ensuring a crawlable link structure, ensuring easy-indexing for all content including images, videos and plugins.

Offer value in return for contact details

When patients get to your website, they are not always ready to contact you or “book an appointment”. However, you know they are researching you as a possible solution to their health problem. To capture the lead even in the state of uncertainty, offer them something in return for their contact details.  Guides explaining treatment methods, ebooks with questions and answers to common questions or ebooks that explain new treatments are ideal value.

Ensure focus on the visitor

As mentioned above, visitors coming to your website for the first time are there to see if you are a better solution to their health related issues. You need to ensure they can find value easily.  This means avoiding the following: content they have seen elsewhere (plagiarism), generic content that doesn’t address personality, too much information, poor writing and use of medical jargon or fear mongering.

In the current landscape, your website can become your marketing goldmine. This is, however, only possible when it has been built strategically with clearly outlined goals whilst incorporating points discussed above.