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Marketing Your Modern Orthodontic Business in 2017

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The basic concept of marketing hasn’t changed––give people what they want. Then why is it so hard to figure it out?

These days, your patients don’t just want to know about your services, they want to know about you. They also want to laugh at cats. And dogs.

Lucky for you, youre in the business of smiles. And so you can justify the time it takes to upload that Instagram photo of your cat dressed like a bunny rabbit to your followers. Make them laugh, and they’ll tell their friends about you and those friends will tell their friends.

Here are a few old-school marketing tips you can use to up your social media game.

It’s all about your patients

Whatever your patients care about is what you need to care about too. Do they need to feel less anxious? Maybe post about new ways you have to take the edge off. What about pain-free ways to make and keep appointments? Or a new customized experience in the chair which involves some fun technology? Patients are always interested in the latest and greatest.

You are your brand

Marketing is literally everything you do. How you talk to people. Where and how you volunteer. Everything is a marketing opportunity. This is your brand. Experts in orthodontic brand development and marketing, OrthoSynetics advises tailoring a marketing program that spur conversations on social media and actively engages patients by creating buzz around your brand.

“Websites are key for developing your brand. Regular posts around topics that interest your patients are one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your patients and create buzz around your brand. Use beautiful photos to enhance your website and help your practice stand out from the digital-stock-photography crowd.” – OrthoSynetics

Pay attention to reviews

In this digital world, reviews are more important than ever. So, if you’re not hitting 5-star status address what the issues are right away. Reach out to people who haven’t had a good experience and meet their needs better next time. Better yet, give underwhelmed patients the ability to give you a second chance by extending a unique or complementary service.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Come up with a service or benefit that patients won’t turn down. Be creative. You could always use a unique hashtag to have a monthly Twitter or Facebook competition where a winner gets a special service or discount, while generating buzz for your practice.

Once you implement a new marketing program in the office, it’s important to put a system in place to discover what’s working.

You have been on a great marketing course and now tracking uniques to your website, new likes or followers be sure to have ways to find out how new patients have discovered the practice. You do not need to use such high technology as well It’s as easy as setting up a box on new patient form and will give you the feedback you need to target and modify your marketing plans.