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Writing Evergreen Content for Your Dental Practice

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It is a well-known fact that for your content to stand out online, it must not only be unique, but valuable to anyone reading it for the first time. Even if it is a decade later. Your practice has the potential to outdo the competition online with the right content marketing strategy.

If you own or manage a dental care clinic, you will need to establish a strong presence online as well as offline. The good thing about content marketing is, you can do it without outright promotion which may be frowned upon in certain healthcare sectors.

According to Dr. Cecila Luong at Advanced Dental Concept, she posts great help articles on the company blog regularly. This helps her practice remain a relevant online authority in the dental care industry.

But content marketing isn’t about only posting blogs or articles. It is much more, however, we will focus on the aspect of evergreen content. The keyword being evergreen.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that will always be relevant. The origin of the word comes from evergreen trees which tend to have green leaves throughout the year.

Content that is both interesting and relevant, and does not ‘age’, is critical if it must be found online by search engines. Such evergreen content can attract traffic to your website.

For example, you post an article about “Maintaining a good oral hygiene in pregnancy”. This is relevant for all time because pregnant women will always need to know about good oral hygiene regardless for the era. However, do ensure that the details are high quality and original otherwise Google search crawlers will rate it as low priority.

Updating your content

One way to maintain the evergreen nature of your content is to update it regularly. In the same example above, say research has led to the discovery of new ways to prevent pregnant gingivitis, it will benefit your post greatly to update it with this fact.

Search engine bots recognise recently updated content and index them accordingly. If they satisfy the conditions for high-quality, relevant content, your website could rank high on search engines. This means more visibility for your dental practice. A strong online presence can translate to more footfalls at your actual clinic.

Evergreen content and search engine optimisation

To understand more about the power of evergreen content, it is necessary to understand how search engine optimisation (SEO) works.

  • Crawling (this is when search engine robots discover new content online)
  • Indexing (the robots analyse relevant keywords and store the content in categories)
  • Retrieval (When users type a query, the search engine sorts and presents content matching these keywords to the user)

Search engines continually use robots (software spiders) to crawl several millions of existing web pages for keywords that best match an internet user’s query.

Some algorithms (programs) for indexing web pages consists of data regarding expired or outdated content without significant number of views or traffic recently.

For instance, information about a Dentists Convention in 2005 will be filed accordingly. If a user wants to find out about a convention in 2017, the search robots will place priority on the current year instead of presenting the 2005 article.

With evergreen content, there really isn’t an ‘expiry’ date. Information about guidelines or conducts to abide by at a Dentist Convention, will always remain relevant provided the writer continues to update it with new additions.

Depending on the query, search engines will continue to present a particular piece of content from time to time. Using this knowledge in your practice, you can create content users will always find valuable and post it to your website.

Some healthcare practices may not advocate full on advertising, but a carefully crafted content strategy, laced with high-quality evergreen content will give a competitive edge in the online space.