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Management & consulting
  • Practice Branding and Logo Design

    Your brand is the first impression for a potential customer and it is paramount that this is aligned with your vision and business image from the outset. This will be reflected on all of your corporate material, throughout your business premises and on all of your marketing literature. Branding is more than just a logo, it is the way your business image is portrayed to your potential customers and distinguishes you from your competition.

    At The Fresh, the first part of any branding exercise involves listening to you. We want to learn about you, get to know your personality, business vision and where your target market lies. Understanding your business and its needs is the most important part of any branding exercise.

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    Understand your business...

    • Are you a private hospital looking to establish a national corporate presence for exclusive quality?
    • Are you a dentist trying to attract older patients for denture stabilisation?
    • Are you targeting the orthodontic market or patients who want smile makeovers?
    • Is your target market those that are looking for a bargain or those who are happy to pay a premium for quality?

    There are lots of questions that we need to ask and that you need to ask yourself before our designers pick up their crayons! Your brand should contain an injection of your personality and be appealing to the type of people that you would like to do business with so it is essential that these questions are answered.

    One of the most important benefits of branding is that potential customers are much more likely to remember a business with a strong brand name and logo. When launching brand awareness campaigns, a striking brand will deliver more 'bang for your buck'.

    Our team of talented designers work with you to create a brand which truly represents everything your business is about and that your target market would find appealing.

    The elements of a branding project may include:

    • Logo design
    • Corporate stationery design
    • Brochure and leaflet design
    • Internal and external signage design
    • A marketing plan to launch the brand through various channels
  • Internet Marketing

    A masterpiece website is totally worthless if your patients can't find it and contact you! Our Internet marketing campaigns help the right kind of patients find you and make an enquiry.

    We believe that every Internet marketing campaign should utilise a combination of sources to drive traffic to your website. A typical marketing campaign for a dental practice may include:

    • Organic Search optimisation
    • Google Maps optimisation
    • A pay per click campaign (Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcentre, Yahoo ads)
    • Advertising on a range of high traffic dental directories
    • Email marketing campaign
    • Microsite development
    • Social media strategies


    We believe that relying on just one source of traffic is a high-risk approach. Having a diverse range of traffic sources allows your business to attract a wider reach of patients and propel your brand further.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a combination of processes that will make your website favourable to the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing for example). It involves making changes to your website to ensure that it is indexed by the search engines, in a way that you want to be represented online.

    To put it simply, SEO is the art and science of manipulating the many signals given out by a website, ensuring search engines return the results that we require.

    At The Fresh, our approach to SEO is scientific and unique. It is based on a combination of experience and results from testing and research on thousands of websites in "The Fresh Labs". All our SEO campaigns come with a free sprinkling of search engine fairy dust made in The Fresh Labs, using homegrown organic ingredients.

    Local geographical dental SEO

    The majority of dental websites that we optimise have target keywords based on a geographical location. Our approach involves both organic SEO in combination with Google Places (formally Google Maps) optimisation. Although the algorithms for Google Places and organic search are different, a final position is based on an amalgamation of the two, with Google giving weight to both elements.

    Corporate SEO

    Our experience in corporate SEO involves work carried out for some of the worlds leading agencies and fortune 500 healthcare companies. We place focus on link building, online reputation management and establishing relationships with webmasters of related websites.

  • Dental Practice Websites

    At The Fresh, we are primarily a website design company that takes an integrated and scientific approach to your online presence. We focus heavily on ensuring that your website is not only search engine friendly but also takes into account many of the principles of conversion rate optimisation, which our team researches extensively in The Fresh Labs.

    Our website design is bespoke to capture the image of your business. We design your website with you, step-by-step, with regular communication at each stage. This enables us to produce a site that precisely captures all of the selling points unique to your practice.

    Our team of copywriters ensure that you need not spend numerous hours laboriously writing content for your website (unless you want to, of course). You are fully empowered to be as hands-on and involved as you want be.


    Our website design process is as follows:

    1. Website design brief

    We will discuss your vision, aims and objectives of the website. We will also discuss the pros and cons of various website elements and keep your current and future marketing goals in mind. If you have an existing brand or literature we will ensure that we keep the brief focused around this to ensure a consistent look across all of your material.

    2. Wireframes

    We will produce initial wireframe sketches of your website which will focus on the position of key website elements on a page to pixel scale, window size and a structural site map. The wireframe is the most flexible stage of the design process, allowing us to bounce ideas off each other and reiterate until we arrive at the perfect result. Wireframe mockups form the blueprint of your website.

    3. Time to pick up the crayons

    Based on the agreed blueprint and our web brief discussions, a design concept will be produced and presented to you. At this stage, we rely on you for valuable feedback. You may love it or you may hate it but our designers will work closely with you to continually redevelop designs to meet your exact needs. Once a design that you approve of is produced we will move onto the code.

    4. Coding

    This takes place in a dark corner of The Fresh Labs where The Fresh Geeks sit and turn your design into a fully functional website by writing "lines of code", or at least that's what they call it. Websites are coded to a high standard to ensure search engine crawlability and cross-browser and mobile device (such as the iPhone or iPad) compatibility. The code is tested on several devices, browsers and screen resolutions. Once the website had been coded, it will then be presented to you within our client area to view and give feedback on.

    5. Content

    Our copywriters, the creative bunch with a "degree in words", will work with your guidelines to produce content that the search engines eat for breakfast, reads well, communicates your businesses key selling points and converts traffic into enquiries. You will be presented with your content to comment on, modify and approve before it goes live.

    6. Website build

    The Fresh Geeks sit in and build every page of your website. The approved content is integrated into the coded website and each page is tested against an internal checklist. Once your website is built, our Word Geeks will proofread it and the designers will dust it with icing sugar before presenting it to you.

    7. 3-2-1 Takeoff

    The official website launch is a religious ceremony that all our team is involved in. It involves 2 days of rigorous testing and running through a huge website checklist (a bit like a car MOT) before we allow your website loose on the interweb. Just before the launch we get our final approval from you, sprinkle it with some magic search engine fairy dust (homemade in The Fresh Labs using only organic ingredients) and then press the red button.

    Our integrated approach to developing your new website will ensure that not only will your website look great but, most importantly, it will perform as an effective marketing and lead generation tool for your business.

  • Practice management & consulting

    One of the biggest challenges we face with many of the businesses we help is ensuring that the entire patient journey (business cycle) is smooth, efficient and consistent with every client.

    Many businesses struggle with converting enquiries (telephone calls and emails) into a business opportunity (consultation), some practitioners may struggle with converting that consultation into a sale (accepted treatment plan), some businesses fail to deliver the service that they promise on time or to the quality that was promised and some businesses do not effectively capitalise on generating further business or leads (word of mouth referrals) from their existing client base. The majority of business owners we speak to are not even aware they have any of the above problems in their business.

    As a healthcare business owner you should ask yourself:

    • Does your business run smoothly?
    • Are you happy with your team and how they work together?
    • Are you happy with the way each team member works individually?
    • What percentage of new patient enquiries is converted into consultations?
    • Are you selling your ideal treatment plans to your patients?
    • Are your patients recommending you to their friends and family?
    • Do you know how many new patients or income your last radio advert or newspaper campaign generated?

    Business consultancy

    At The Fresh, our consultants carry out a thorough analysis of your business and tailor a consulting plan that is focused towards your individual business needs. We take an integrated approach to internal business processes in combination with marketing.

    The one key difference that separates our consulting from the crowd is the implementation. We won't just tell you what to do; we actually make it happen.